Former projects


What now - An evaluation of a rehabilitation program for young adults who have been treated for cancer" 
PhD-student May Hauken is leading this project, which is a joint study between HIFUS, Red Cross Haugland rehabilitation Centre (RKHR) and the HEMIL-Centre, University of Bergen. The project is supported financially by the Eckbo Foundation, Kreftforeninga and RKHR, and will last between 2010-2014. We also hope to continue the project after this period. Read more:


May Hauken had her dissertation for the PhD-degree at the University of Bergen in Janury 2015.



Gulatinget was the birthplace of Norway as a democratic state governed by law, with a system of government based on representative assemblies. Gulatinget is further a part of the¨Thing Sites International Networking Group” together with Iceland, the Isle of Man, Scotland, the Shetlands, the Orkneys and the Faeroes. Arild Bergstrøm and Siri Ingvaldsen are representing HIFUS in the EU-network about Thing. Project period: 2009-2013. Read more:
Siri Ingvaldsen has also written a book about Gulatinget, which was launched in 2012 is available both in Norwegian and English.


"Cooperative vocational rehabilitation" (RKHR, NAV, Primary health care)
RKHR, NAV and the primary health care service have together initiated a project which aims to increase the collaboration between them in order to provide better health care for young persons who have challenges in resuming their working conditions because of disease, injury or other mental or physical disabilities. The Government (Department of health) has previously financially supported two pilot-projects for cooperative vocational rehabilitation with RKHR as project coordinator. Additional funding has now been guaranteed for 2012/2013 to test the model we have suggested for increased collaboration for the whole rehabilitation course. We will also involve the employer in one part of the project with the aim to create a seamlessly course for the patient. MD Eirik Fismen, Ergo-therapist Linda Meiar and MD Henrik Høberg will be involved in this project from RKHR, together with local and external NAV-employees, persons from the primary health care and research expertise from Sogn og fjordane Community College.


"Effects of adapted physical activity as a part of the rehabilitation process of morbid obese patients" 
PhD-students Eivind Aadland and Randi Jepsen, both employed by Avdeling for helsefag, Sogn og fjordane Community College, are studying the impact of adaptive physical activity as part of the life style change intervention at Haugland for obese patients. They are looking both at objective data (blood samples) but also on quality of life and physical parametres. They will follow the included patients at least 2 years after the intervention. Project period: 2010-2014.

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UWC and asylum centres 
UWC has long expertise in gathering people from all over the world and dispite of devinding lines in one place. This specialized experience could be investigated and used as a resource for young persons in asylum centres. Student and teachers from UWC has for years visited Bergum asylum centre in Førde and has done everything from looking after children, arranging English and Norwegian classes, creating women groups and also as just being there for them and listening to their stories. UWC has also arranged for groups of young asylum seekers to come and visit Haugland. We have initiated a collaboration with the “Fylkessenter for musikkterapi (County-centre for music therapy), Sogn og fjordane” and will develop a project together with the aim to activate asylum seekers in the centres for improved life quality. The project received grants from Sparebankstiftinga Sogn of fjordane n November 2012. Project period: Start autumn 2012.


Change in armfunction and health related life quality after breast cancer operation – a 12 year follow-up
In the period 1998-2000 a survey which investigated challenges and problems for women who had undergone breast cancer treatment was performed at the Red Kross Haugland rehabilitation centre. In addition to physical tests and questionnairs, the rehabiliation program included adapted physical activity, education and group therapy. The results showed that the women were in bad physical shape, had reduced shoulder function, 36% had lymphedema and increased frequency of anxiety and depression were revealed. Physiotherapist Kari Fismen will aim to conduct the same tests and questionnairs for the same women in 2012, 12 years after breast surgery, in order to find new information on long-time challenges for cancer-treated patients. Project period: 2012-2013.


To explore ways in which three learner profile attributes (principled, caring, openminded) are conceptualized by students in the context of a residential IB-UWC programme
Dona Pursall is a teacher at *UWC and got funding for this study from the Professor Jeff Thompson research fund. Research methods: Interview. Project period: 2011/2012. Supervisor: Alistair Robertson, UWC.


Other projects 
Master study: "Policy and Practice in Multicultural Education: A case study of a multi-ethnic comprehensive school"
Former UWC-teacher, now Master student, Li Dan will execute this project with supervision from and in collaboration with University of Oslo. Project period: 2011/2012.

Master study: "Peace education as a force to create a culture of peace "
Former UWC-student, now Master student, Susanne Gabrielsen, University of Minnesota will investigate peace education as a force to create a culture of peace, to explore the effectiveness of Allport’s contact hypothesis, to monitor changes in students’ levels of trust and empathy over the two yeras, to confirm UWC’s effectiveness in uniting people for peace and a sustainable future. Project period: 2011/2012