HIFUS attended a seminar for Masterstudents in "Samhandling" in Sogndal in late February 2015. Hopefully, some students found it interesting and will contact us back :)

On the 11th and 12th of February, we gathered people that works with different aspects of health and health managements at Haugland.

About 50 persons attended the conference.

Publicity: FIRDA 16/2-15 and NRK Radio 11/2 and 24/2

Photo: One of the lecturer at the conference. Lisa Vivoll Straume, MIND (from NRK).

Other lecturerers: Eirik Fismen (Red Cross Haugland rehabilitation centre), ARne Osland (UWC REd Cross Nordic), Inger JOhanne Osland (Red Cross Haugland rehabilitation centre), Anette Wolff (HIFUS), Heidi Bergsli (Oslo og Akershus høgskole), Geir Kåre resaland (Høgskulen i Sogn og fjordane/Helse-Førde), Ida Marie Bergård (NAKMI), Hanne Thommassen (InnoMed) complemented with presentations from companies and successful projects.


More info:

HIFUS arranged its' yearly strategy seminar at Haugland on the 4th of March 2015. Previous projects and new plans were discussed.

The future looks bright :)

Photo: Taken from "Naustet" at Haugland on this beautiful day.

May Hauken defended her thesis on the 6th of January 2015 on the KaNo-project (development av evaluation of a rehabilitation program for young cancer survivors, executed at Red Cross Haugland rehabilitation centre) HIFUS is proud to be part of the project.

Congratulations May! You did very well!

Photo: May with her supervisors and opponents.

Two articles have already been published in the "What now"/KaNo-project. One of them is totally fresh. We congratulate PhD-candidate May Hauken and her supervisors and mentors.

Participating in Life Again: A Mixed-Method Study on a Goal-Orientated Rehabilitation Program for Young Adult Cancer Survivors.

Hauken MA, Holsen I, Fismen E, Larsen TM., Cancer Nurs. 2013 Jul 15.


Meeting Reality: Young Adult Cancer Survivors' Experiences of Reentering Everyday Life After Cancer Treatment.

Hauken MA, Larsen TM, Holsen I., Cancer Nurs. 2013 Jan 23.


On the 24th of Mai, Prime Minister Candidate Erna Solberg visited Haugland. Later this summer, in July, the Minister of Finances, Sigbjørn Johnsen honoured us with a visit.

From the 12th to the 15th of March, HIFUS, UWC RCN and RKHR will have a visit from Ralf Westphal, lecturer in outdoor education from the University of Marburg in Germany. Ralf has a PhD on outdoor activites and he is now a part of the Educational team at Marburg University on the topic. Here is a summary of Ralfs work during his PhD

Ralf will arrive Tuesday Evening. On Wednesday, he will spend his day at Haugland Rehabilitation Centre, followed by a lecture by him at UWC Red Cross Nordic. The topic of the lecture is "Outdoor activities in the context of Personal and Social development" (K2, UWC). On thursday, he will have meetings with UWC, HIFUS and UWC "Leirskule", and he will engage in student activities at the College. On Friday, all institutions at Haugland campus will discuss how we can use outdoor education more and extend our already focused plan in this area.

The program for Ralf's visit is attached.


Anette S.B. Wolff, Director of HIFUS, is part of SIVAs program for "Entrepreneurships for women" (Kvinnovasjon). The program is part of SIVAs initiative to create and improve infrastructure for innovation in Norway ( The program has consisisted of 3 gatherings for female Entrepreneurs in Sogn og fjordane County,where basic knowledge about how to start a Company, including Economic and Legal aspects, has been the focus. Another important aim has been team building between the participants.

The landmine victim project is a joint project between UWC RCN, RKHR and HIFUS which aims to facilitate empowerment, participation and improved life quality for young landmine victims by IB education and skilled physical and psychological rehabilitation. HIFUS will lead a research project in which the outcomes for the particpants and the involved institutions will be evaluated.