About Us

Haugland International research and development Centre (HIFUS) is owned by the companies Red Cross Haugland rehabilitation Centre (RKHR), United World College Red Cross Nordic (UWC RCN) and Fjaler municipality, Norway, and has been created to stimulate and aid research, development and innovation regarding health, education, internalization and environmental aspects.

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The 3 owner institutions:

Red Cross Haugland Rehabilitation Centre (RKHR):

RKHR is owned by Sogn og fjordane Red Cross and was opened in 1992 as a specialized rehabilitation institution. The centre employs over 70 people (data for 2011). The following groups of patients are prioritized: cancer survivors, patients with neurological suffering, muscle- and sceleton diseases, tinnitus patients and morbid obesity. The centre also has programmes for vocational rehabilitation.

UWC Red Cross Nordic (UWC RCN):

The aim of the United World Colleges is to use education as a force to unite people. The Nordic College, UWC RCN, opened in Flekke, Fjaler municipality, Sogn og fjordane in 1995. The school, which has about 200 students aged 16-19, is sponsored by Nordic governments and the Red Cross and focuses on the promotion of humanitarian, environmental, Nordic values and concerns. The objective is to help students become active, involved and educated citizens whose attitudes towards understanding and service will be a powerful catalyst for change.

Fjaler Municipality:

Fjaler is a coast municipality on the south side of the Dalsfjord in Sogn og Fjordane county with about 2900 inhabitants. The municipality centre, Dale, is located about 40 minutes drive from Førde and about 30 minutes drive to the airport Bringeland. Fjaler is an international cultural centre with participants like Red Cross Nordic UWC, Nordic Art Centre Dalsåsen and a European exchange program for youths. In addition, Fjaler has several high competence businesses like ELIS. The topics “the good life” and “an open community” is fronted as the two main areas of foci for this municipality.

Fjaler municipality has gone into as a partner HIFUS AS with the goal that HIFUS will increase activity in the municipality and mediate the basis for new working places. It is also of interest for the municipality to utilize HIFUS for developmental projects.