Welcome to the HIFUS website

HIFUS is an acronym for Haugland International Research and Development Center and is located on the west coast of Norway. These pages are intended to inform you about who we are, what we do, what we can do, and how you can contact us.

For employees of UWC Red Cross Nordic, Red Cross Haugland Rehabilitation Centre or Fjaler Council: How can HIFUS help you?

HIFUS can help you with everything from the  the development of innovative research ideas, to the research itself, through to the writing of reports for a project that has already been done. We help to make project plans, supervise research, create research groups, create contacts between UWC / RKHR and the external environment, find funding sources, seek funding, help in research by using methods, writing articles, managing research etc.

For external parties outside Haugland campus: What can HIFUS do for you?

HIFUS possess research skills and can help you with everything from creating / developing a research or development idea to run the entire project, or a cross. Please contact us to learn more!